Gemini Capsule

What is Gemini?

Gemini is a HTTP/HTTPS alternative protocol. Other protocols like Gemini are Gopher and Finger, all of which render webpages. The HTTP/HTTPS sites are extremely bloated with JavaScript, user tracking, and  generally slower than what it can and should be. Gemini and other alternative protocols want to being back a lightweight text-based internet back! If there is demand for it (or if I feel like it) I will make a Gopher and Finger sites.

I have launched a Gemini site which you can access using this link: gemini://

This link will take you nowhere if you don't have a browser/client that is compatible with the Gemini protocol. I recommend the Kristall browser which can access not only Gemini sites but also other web-pages using HTTP, HTTPS, Gopher and Finger. Like always, there are other clients you can use. You can visit sites using Gemini using a proxy like this one.

Screenshots of the Kristall client:

I have Mirrored my website and the Arch Linux wiki on Gemini:
My site: gemini://
Arch Wiki: gemini://